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tv   North Carolina News at 530AM  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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overnight. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> glad to have you along. we will get to your morning news, check on traffic. also, we will find more about this forecast -- find out more about this forecast and severe weather . good morning. of those storms will be a. the threat for storms will be back again as we head in tonight. right now, most of this rain wrapping up. a speak girl -- sprinkle or 2 over [ indiscernible ] county. the biggest threat will be the fog. visibility is dropping quickly. looking at sanford. you are looking at 3 mile visibility. 4 miles in these durham area. take your time. this fog seems to be drifting further and further south. it could impact the sandhills here shortly. 62 henderson. 60 s. hill. 61 lewisburg and roanoke
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61 clinton. we're checking fog at atm 273 at noon with a mix and clouds. warmer this afternoon with a high of 78. the best chance for storms will come through after sunset. i will walk you through that chance coming up in your complete storm team forecast. >>good morning, our monday off to a quiet start on the roads. let's take a look at what you can expect if you are headed into work at this early morning hours. i 440 and wait avenue is looking good this morning. some roads are still a little wet from the wet weather we had rolled through overnight. we are showing a shoulder closer in project fortify. keep that in mind through exit 293. we are going to be seeing that shoulder closure continuing as we head through this week ahead the. we also have a lane closure in raleigh. peachtree street, they are
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maintenance work there. on 440 from new bern avenue to wait avenue you're looking at a -- wade avenue you're looking at an 8 minute drive. we will be back with more weather and traffic updates coming up in just a few minutes. right now the search is underway for a missing swimmer it. this is where it is all happening in the tar river near chartres landing. officials say 3 men were fishing in the area then decided to go for a swim and that is when one of them disappeared under the water. the missing men have been identified as a volunteer firefighter. first responders after 4:00. tar river. >>even the strongest swimmers can be in distress. we
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good judgment and not go into the water. >>additional rescuers are expected to be on scene at around 830 this morning. overnight, the highway patrol -- patrol is investigating a deadly crash near pinehurst. trooper say the driver, donald miles, ran off of highway 15 501 near spring lake drive around 1130 last night. he had a group of trees. the 54-year-old died at the scene. investigators closed one lane for just about 2 hours while crews cleaned up the scene. i 40 is back open after more than 100 vehicles wrecked. rain and wet roads caused pileup . the series of rex injured 20 people and shut down part of the interstate for hours. the road reopened about -- around 1115 last night. an investigation is happening after 2 juveniles were shot.
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midnight on austin avenue. than less that a teenager was shot in the leg on fidelity drive. that call came in around 930. cases are related. there is no word on any arrest. both juveniles are expected to be okay. >>donald trump says he will review whether to pay the legal fees for a man who punched a protester in fayetteville. this happened wednesday night -- last wednesday at the crown coliseum . the 78-year-old sucker punched a protester right in the face as a man was being let out. donald trump says he doesn't condone violence but also said he has no problem with people who decide to be, quote, effective with protesters. >>this kid was walking out and i understand he had a certain finger up in the air as he was walking out. this man became very angry. you know what, again, i don't condone violence, but the kid shouldn't have had the finger up in the air either if that is
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i will take a look at the tape and i will let you know. >> the 78-year-old is charged with battery, disorderly conduct and communicating threats. authorities charge a man who tried to rush the chain -- state at a donald trump rally. he faces disorderly conduct charges. the man leaped over a barricade . the 22-year-old reportedly told police he plan to grabbed the microphone and yell the donald trump was a racist but that he didn't intend to hurt anyone. marco rubio had a bizarre encounter with the heckler in florida. >> that is enough. i have to tell everyone the truth, marco rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend[ laughter ] they met in new hampshire and she doesn't look at me in the i'm serious. laughing their. he denied those claims and said he didn't even win new hampshire . polls open in a little
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those looking for your vote are pushing extremely hard. >>ahead of the elections, presidential candidates and their family members continue to crews cross north carolina. >> i am suspecting there will be quite a few lines at the polls as well. >> reporter: absolutely, the tar heel state joins others as being dubbed super tuesday number 2. you can expect a lot of these candidates to head to town and you can expect a lot of residents to cast their votes. before they can do that, the candidates want to make the final pitch as to why they deserve your vote. one doing that will be donald trump. he will be in history. he hopes to keep his lead. on the other side hillary clinton will take her message
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for some like ted cruz it will be his wife heidi who will campaign for republicans and urge voters to side with republicans. marco rubio is not making any stops our area. their home states will cast their votes for who they want to be the next president. in the queen city, people will feel the burn. bernie sanders is expected to hold a rally sometime this afternoon. while he was here, the democratic senator talked about his education policy in a town were colleges and universities are big. >>right now we have to be talking about anything about these colleges and universities being tuition free. this is not a radical idea. you see it throughout colleges around the world. coming up, we will take a look at both of the front runners and why they say they deserve your vote. coming up later on cbs north carolina:
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
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welcome back into good morning morning to you. the sun does not arise until 727 this morning. in the meantime we will see those temperatures drop to 71. 65 by 9 o'clock. most of us are on the dry side but we are watching fox develop. i will show you this live picture from our tower camera.
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fog is not impacting our view but it is paying a role -- playing a role for some of you. we just have a shower or 2 working its way around franklin county. here is the latest visibility. you can see conditions are just deteriorating. roanoke rapids, visit visiting -- visibility is less than a mile. here's your forecast as you are planning your day, 61 8 8 am. 73 at noon. we are still dry with a few late day showers and the threat for storms this evening and overnight. by this afternoon of 78 degrees. i will walk you through this storms -- storm threat coming up here still come: we won the
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>>plus, a sweet moment is
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what the teenager said welcome back. this morning top stories: the search is on for missing swimmer and tar river in edgecombe county. >> 3 men were fishing in that area and decided to go swimming. one of them disappear. the missing man has been identified as a volunteer firefighter. investigations are happening over a deadly crash. trooper say the driver, donald miles ran off of the highway and then group -- hit a group of trees. the 54-year-old died at the scene. >>tomorrow, voters will cast their ballot in a primary election. ahead of that donald trump,
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sanders will visit the tar heel state. the number of people dying from here one in north carolina has skyrocketed -- heroine has skyrocketed. >> people of all ages are becoming addicted. >> we have a preview of tonight special report. >> reporter: there is a heroine crisis. >>there's an epidemic. >> it is everywhere. >> is heroine readily available? >> absolutely. >> young, old, rich, poor, black, like it is everybody. >>the only person who will never get better is a dead person. >> heroine just makes you numb to everything. it really wipes away everything. luckily i lived through it. >>jesse bennett started using drugs at the age of 14.
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i was the attic -- and attic -- in addict. >>if you think it's not in your neighborhood, it is. >> what is law enforcement see? >> there is not a law enforcement professionals in the state of north carolina that i have talked to from chiefs to sheriffs that is not concerned about heroine. >>amazing stuff. tonight at 6 o'clock, cbs north carolina investigates and takes a look at how heroine is getting into our state and why prescription painkillers are adding to the problem. >>authorities are searching for clues after they discovered a man exonerated for the killing of a newspaper editor dead inside of a car in winston- salem. officers found the body of deryl hunt in a car. right now we don't know how he died. he spent 19 years in prison before dna evidence exonerated him back in 2004. another man later confessed to the killing.
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that the search for him started after his attorney told authorities he had not been seen for 9 days. breaking overnight, an off- duty police officer in suburban dallas was involved in a shooting that left one person dead and another injured. a preliminary investigation indicates the incident began when they came across a crime in progress and intervened. the officer was not injured. the incident is under investigation. >>2 people are in jail after the shooting death of a maryland police officer. it happened right across the police from the prince george's county had quarter drive police headquarters. they are calling that shooting an unprovoked attack. the gunman fired at the first officer he saw outside of the station. that prompted a gunbattle. for year police veteran who was an undercover narcotics officer died just days before his 29th birthday. now, widespread flooding has damaged thousands of homes in louisiana and mississippi.
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more bad weather in the forecast. damaged. at least 3 people have been killed in the flooding. back here at home, last night we heard some thunder in the area rumbling. is that going to continue? storms move through. that threat will be here late this afternoon into tonight. here's a live picture from the raleigh-durham international airport. no rain is falling but you can see the tarmac is pretty shiny because of the area seeing storms overnight. we are dry as we start off our monday morning, but we are foggy around some areas especially right around the virginia border. look at this, visibility less than a mile in roxborough, henderson and in roanoke rapids. in raleigh and liz burke , --
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2 miles. this could cause travel concerns right along the virginia border. as far as the temperatures are concerned, you don't have to worry about a lot. 57 roxborough. 53 in raleigh and durham. 66 lillington and fayetteville. here's what i'm thinking, we are dry through the morning. 60 at 10 am and then the chance for a shower. a few storms will develop with an afternoon high of 78. drop back to 76 by 6 pm. the best window for some strong to severe storms will occur after sunset. we have this area of low pressure off to our north. this front is trailing it bringing us the chance for late day shower or storm with the very warm air off to the south. these systems are colliding which is what is providing the chance for storms later today. dry. will see a break in the cloud
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a shower or 2 is possible and also a chance for a rumble or 2 for the evening drive. close to midnight we have another round of showers. make sure you have a way to get the weather alerts because many of us will be sleeping. most of on tuesday. sunnier day for us. here's your severe weather outlook, the slight risk is focused off to our west. it includes portions of orange county, chatham county, more county and lee county. and also an extreme portion of wake county. city by city, 78 our high in raleigh. 7078 in raleigh . temperatures will fall into the upper 50s and this -- this event -- threat for severe weather will continue. we are going to be 20 degrees
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head toward wednesday with an afternoon high of 82. 72 on thursday with a chance for showers to. we're back into the 60s on friday and could even be cooler than normal as we head to saturday and 7 -- sunday . it is 5:51. that is your latest check on your forecast. i will send it over for a look at the traffic. we are off to a quiet start on the road to. let's take a live look at what roads. this is i 40 and miami boulevard. traffic is picking up. highlights hitting off of those roads because some of those roads are still wet we do have a couple of closures to tell you about. that is in raleigh, peachtree street . there is a five-week project going on to replace the sewer and water line. expect closures on and off for the next 5 weeks. in chapel hill on in see
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reductions through the end of the week due to fiber works that may tie you up. keep that in mind before you kick off your drive. normal traffic volumes. normal congestions southbound on us one 540 542 downtown. you're looking at a 12 minute commute this morning. will have more weather and traffic coming up in just a few minutes. as we go to break let's take a look at what is coming up next on cbs this morning. >>hello to you i am gayle king. jordan spieth and lexi thompson
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north carolina's furniture and textile industries decimated by decades of disastrous trade deals. over 361,000 manufacturing jobs lost. only one candidate for president has opposed every disastrous deal -- bernie sanders. while his opponent has flip-flopped on trade deals, bernie has fought them and stood with american workers. he'll take on wall street and their trade deals because he doesn't take their money. for jobs. for us. bernie.
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy! right now a good samaritan in washington is being held a
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killing a armed man. the armed man started attacking a clerk yesterday morning. he then one after a customer drinking coffee. that is when the customer pulled out a gun and shot him. the 60-year-old is a licensed gun carrier. prosecutors will review the incident. they still don't know the murder of -- modus. the man never asked for money -- motive. the man never asked for money. >> wind gusts knocked over a tree that fell on an suv. a toddler was found in the backseat alive. she went to the hospital with minor injuries. the severe weather is being blamed for knocking out power to more than 200,000 people. >>people in california are dealing with another storm that brought heavy rain and high winds. the storm knocked down trees and power lines. if forced officials to evacuate some of the homes in the area. after today, dryer, warmer weather is in the forecast. i know they are looking forward
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they had it a lot worse than we did. take a listen. this is a good story. a random act of kindness captured in a picture. it is now going viral. >> the encounter was between a teenager and a homeless man. the picture shows the teenager kneeling and praying for the a man. he says he was listening to school. he said he felt led to get off of the bus and pray for the man. >>i don't want any glory. it was all for him.>> the university of maryland police officer witnessed the gesture and he took the picture. >>i was blown away. it is amazing. you don't see that often especially in the young youth in baltimore. >>the officer says he posted it on facebook and it has receives -- received thousands of likes and comments and shares. is wonderful to see a random
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>>it is a reminder that good people like that exist. >>and you can get just as many clicks when doing something good as opposed to doing something that. it may be a hockey tournament unlike anything you have ever seen before. >>it is called sled hockey and teams played in wake county this weekend. it was held by the town and the special hockey association. players tell us it is basically the same rules as the hockey that you are used to accept they are using a slight. the local team beat the national predators 2 - one. >> look at them go.
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from presidential hopefuls to american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future.
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right now: we are now less than 24 hours from the north carolina primary. what you
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out to the polls. breaking news and edgecomb county as crews are looking for a man after a fishing trip. >>and a man barricaded himself inside of a home. will hear from an eyewitness who saw the 10th exchange -- tense exchange with police. good morning. let's get over to our meteorologist on what we can expect. a lot of us hurt the rumble of thunder last night. >>this morning, all is quiet. what we are seeing develop as we speak is some dense fog. visibility at 5 miles in lewisburg and raleigh. it comes out of nowhere at times as you are driving around. look right around the virginia border, less than half a mile of visibility right now. this is going to slow you down as you get ready to head out the door.


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